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I wish you were cold, but alive. 8/2/2017

Let's rip into poets' flesh!

Hear Me Out

Be careful - we're supposed to build a wall. "The Wall" - poem, November 2016


Когда ты мне вены в тело вшивала.

Our relationship has been purchased. "A Mess" - poem, September 2016

A three-part poem in two languages.

Вторая часть трилогии на двух языках. Первую и третью части вы можете прочитать в разделе PM in English.

An Absolute Piece of… Art

  The ability to create knowingly comes with great responsibility. I am not here to bore you with the irrelevant pondering about the meaning of art - much rather, I am looking to reach the balance of my own, to... Continue Reading →

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