Try small black boots with a heel

They will make your personality seem bigger

If people don’t immediately kneel

At first request: pull the trigger.


But be careful. You don’t want anyone

To be triggered, though.

You want them malleable, like pastry dough,

Eager to be thrown in the oven.


Legions of flaming monsters

Wanting to break through their crust

Movie trailers full of porn stars

Wanting to win your trust.


What exactly are they expecting?

Love and friendship, and mawkish quotes?

If you constantly keep neglecting



From the fourth movement

Of a non-existent cello concerto,

Just because they are small?

Shorter than halves slurred with quarters

Slurred with two reprise dots and a wall.


The one we were supposed to build

Between eagles and Mexico

Vigorously rubbing away our guilt

Before the entire world.


I would personally design attire

That highlights good things and hides

What complete dickheads we are

For seemingly picking sides

While setting the Earth on fire.